In the name of Ram RSS Terrorists Demolished Babri Masjid


Hindu terrorists has torn down a mosque and attacked other Muslim targets in the north Indian town of Ayodhya, in one of India's worst outbreaks of inter-communal violence.

Slovakia introduces law to prevents Islam


Slovakia has adopted a law, which effectively prevents Islam from becoming an official state religion in the country amid surging anti-Muslim sentiments across Europe.

Annual growth of India slows after controversial note ban


India’s growth slowed to 7.1 percent last year, according to official data released on Wednesday, weaker than analysts expected but still the fastest rate of growth of any major economy.

International campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel


For two decades, some Israeli officials and Israel partisans have worked to embed a new, Israel-focused definition of antisemitism in institutions around the world, from international bodies and national governments to small college campuses in heartland America.

Israel says no peace with Palestine


Jews (Israelis) reject French invite to a peace conference on Palestine, saying it prefers direct talks with the Palestinians.

Erdogan oks Israeli Envoy


Israel's new ambassador to Turkey has arrived in the capital Ankara, to serve as the first official envoy since 2010 as the two countries advance with their rapprochement since a six-year spat put diplomatic relations on ice.


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