Quranic Verses

Divorce is twice. Then, either keep her in an acceptable manner or release her with good treatment.
--Quran 2:229 Share
And, certainly, the Last Hour is bound to come. There is no doubt about it. And, verily, Allah shall raise up alive those who are in the graves.
-Quran 22:7 Share
And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him.
--Quran 4:157 Share
And do not say about those who are slain in the cause of Allah that they are dead. (They are not dead.) They are rather alive but you have no perception (of their life).
-Quran 2:154 Share
He is the One Who has made the two seas flow that join each other.
-Quran 55:19 Share
Maryam (Mary) said: "How can there be a son to me, whereas no man has even touched me, nor am I unchaste?"
-Quran 19:20 Share
The worldly life is nothing but illusory wealth.
-Quran 3:185 Share
And when the angels said: O Maryam (Mary) surely Allah has chosen you and has blessed you with purity and has exalted you today over all the women of the world.
-Quran 3:42 Share
Every soul shall taste death.
-Quran 3:185 Share
Allah said: "O Zakariyya (Zacharias), indeed We give you the good news of a son whose name shall be Yahya (John). We have not given this name to anyone before him."
-Quran 19:7 Share
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